• Website for image making and boosting your sales

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    • Recognizable and distinctive style
    • More targeted visitors than your competitors have
    • Loyal customers
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  • Boosting your Internet sales

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    • Strategy of your business promotion online
    • Guaranteed targeted traffic
    • Increase of sales up to 297%
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Baltic Design Colors will raise the value of your brand
in the eyes of your customer and will provide the sales growth!

Website development

We know that the website development is the art of understanding the customer’s business and his needs thus presenting the information in the most attractive and comprehensive way.

We create the optimized websites meeting the personal requirements of your company. Our websites will increase the value of your brand in the eyes of the customer and will provide the sales boost!

Boost your sales

We will develop the strategy to promote your business online.

We will boost your Internet sales and will guarantee the targeted traffic to your website. As a result the number of your customers will grow. Send the request and find out how many potential customers your website can receive each month.

We offer solutions that will make your website work and bring you direct profit.

Website maintenance and development

We will undertake a full technical maintenance for the website and you will never have to solve routine problems regarding the Access, servers, updating, hosting, etc. Within the framework of maintenance our specialists will provide also the website development, the updating of text, design, specific elements and software components. We will ensure information maintenance for the website (providing news and articles). We will schedule, perform, measure and assess the effectiveness of advertising campaign on the Internet.

Graphical design and printing

Our designers will develop a unique company’s style (from a logotype and a brandbook to a business card, blanks, forms, gifts, packaging, etc.). They will draw powerful banners for your advertising campaign. They will create specific advertising and polygraph models.



The placement of your website and its full technical maintenance


Advertisement and presentation texts for your company

Text translations

Baltic Design Colors has the ability to provide your website with different language translations depending on the market’s demand.

7 reasons to work with us

  • Time saving

    You are a professional in your field and we are professionals in developing successful web projects. Basing on the interview and the analysis of the task we will co-ordinate the goals and will develop the plan of website creation, will develop the scheme, texts, supporting materials and the strategy of promoting the website on the Internet.

    You will define tasks and we will offer efficient solutions.

  • Security and experience

    Baltic Design Colors has been developing successful websites for more than 8 years.

    Our customers are such companies as CSC Telecom, Dome Hotel, Sportima and you can also afford yourself to join them.

  • Quality guarantees

    The best specialists will be working with you hence you can be certain for sure about the quality of each stage of work. We will help you to precisely position your product; we will develop a distinctive individual design.

    All our websites meet the requirements of international standard W3C and they are optimized for search engine comprehension.

  • Flexible payment terms

    We have different co-operation schemes – and all are for convenience of your planned financial flows.

  • Development plan and schedule

    When co-operating with us you will get valuable information about the behaviour and habits of your existing and potential customers (their interests, how they choose products) and also about the demand for your services (less-more).

    Basing on the behaviour analysis you will get a step-by-step strategy for your business development online.

  • Financial guarantees of the result

    We provide financial guarantees for reaching the set goals.

  • You will always know to whom to apply and from whom to ask

    We offer to our customers a complex of services to present a company and to boost the sales on the Internet.

    You will have a personal manager who will be always ready to report about the progress and stages of work, the interim results and development plans.

    You will not need to contact each stage of team separately.

Sales bossting

We will boost your sales and guarantee the results!




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